The above poster is titled, “Call to Women Voters:Stand by your Disenfranchised Sisters.” Nina Allender created this and other original drawings for the newpaper “The Suffragist.” She worked mainly from 1914-1927, creating hundreds of cartoons . One can view this work in person , at the Sewall Belmont House in Washington , Dc. Here is a description of the above work, copied from their website…
This cartoon was actually published twice in The Suffragist, once on the cover on September 12, 1914 and the next time inside on September 26, 1914. A symbolic figure blowing a trumpet, it called attention to the fact that the voting strength of four million Western voters was sufficient leverage to make suffrage a national issue. The poster created from the original cartoon had wide circulation throughout the voting West during the Congressional Union’s first national election campaign in 1914.
To learn more about this art and the Sewall Belmont House, click here….Nina_Allender

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