Gallery Nord

Here is a postcard from an upcoming international encaustic art show, titled “Encausticon 2012”. The show runs from September 7 to September 29, 2012. Opening reception is September 7 from 6pm to 8:30pm. To see the show, go to Gallery Nord, 2009 NW...

Athenaeum Gallery

Look to see these new works in my studio, or at “Wax Works” at Athenaeum Gallery , 201 Prince Street, Alexandria Virginia 22314, from September 27 to November 11th.  

Dana Ellyn

Dana Ellyn paints political art with a touch of humor. Her watercolor on the left is titled “Future Olympian”. There is subtle nonsense here, as the athlete lifts his bar with a Coke and some french fries on each side of him. It is one of a large series of...

Linda Lowery

I first encountered Linda Lowery’s large , lovely baby paintings at Artomatic.  Somehow, I resisted urge to cover my ears as could almost hear the piercing screams of these infants. Linda Lowery says this of her work, on her website…. “In “Baby Baby...

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